Unconditional Love

This is the final paragraph to a paper that I just wrote, and it will serve as my first blog post. 

I will try to update this thing as much as I can. 

"This brings me to my next and final point, which is the importance of unconditional love. Love does not choose objects of compassion based on merit. It meets each individual where they are and fosters meaningful relationships in order to spark change. This is what will overcome all oppression. If your neighbor does something with which you do not agree, fine. Disagree with their practices. Embrace them fully as human beings. Everyone is a rational being capable of feeling pain regardless of worldview. When we love and accept human beings as human beings, then we will break down the barriers of social cliques. It is then that people will listen to what we have to say. When we repay oppression with compassion, it is then that oppressors will realize their actions are accomplishing no purpose. Violent individuals will no longer desire to impart violence that elicits no response. Until we experience and give the gift of unconditional love, we will see no change and bear no hope."